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Chain Sprays & Oils

Comet does not ship racing fuel but we do have race gas on site. You can bring your own fuel approved container or you can buy one from the store. Fuel is available per gallon and is not offered in prefilled containers.

Currently Available -
Sunoco 100 Low Lead Race Gas, Ethanol Free - $10.00 per gallon
Sunoco 93 Unleaded Race Gas, Ethanol Free - $10.00 per gallon

Engine Oils

Fuel Additives

Chain Lube

Bearing Lubricants

Transmission/Gear Oils

Clutch Oils

Brake Fluid

Air Filter Oil and Cleaner

Brake/Carb Cleaners


Tire Prep

Liquid Gasket/Silicone

Thread Locker

Valve Griding/Lapping Compound

Molecule Race Suit Cleaner

Measuring Cup

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