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Comet Racing Engines is our in house championship winning Two Cycle engine building service! Comet Racing Engines have won for decades from coast to coast and outside the USA, including local club races, Divisional series, National Races (SKUSA, USPKS, WKA) and special events like the SuperKartsUSA! Supernats, Robopong 200, Battle at the Brickyard, Cup Karts Grand Nationals and the Rock Island Grand Prix against the very best karting has to offer.

Mark Harrison has decades of karting experience both as a National Champion driver and National Championship winning engine builder, along with Jason Zentz who comes from a background of building drag bike and quad engines and Ron Peterson with decades of karting experience in 100cc and Shifter Kart racing. We are here to help you reach the winners circle.

Comet continually track tests and dyno tests on our extremely accurate and repeatable computer controlled dynos looking for any horsepower and torque gains. Comet also has an in-house development team lead by Comet's Mark Dismore Jr. that continually tests the latest updates at national events against the best kart racers in the country! Comet specializes in IAME KA100, IAME Swift, IAME X30, Yamaha KT100, Rok GP, Rok VLR and Mini Rok engines.

Comet Racing Engines also attends a select number of national kart races per year with trackside support for engine customers.

If you're looking to step up your engine program call Mark Harrison, Jason Zentz, Ron Peterson and Mark Dismore Jr. today for more information! We're here to help you achieve the results you are looking for! Call us at 317-462-3413 or email us.

Engine Shipping Form, PDF - Print it out, fill it out, ship your engine, quick and easy!

Please pack your engine VERY well. The shipping companies are not easy on engines so we highly recommend packing your engine in a small box with a lot of packing, including protection of the PTO shaft THEN put the small box inside a larger box with packing around the smaller box. Yes this sounds like a lot of packing but it is necessary to assure your engine makes it to us unharmed.

NOTICE - To avoid carburetor damage, please remove the carburetor on any X30 or KA100 engine you ship. The carbs on those engines sit low and will be damaged when the engine is dropped by the shipping company. Please pack the carburetor well to avoid damage and breaking off the needles. 

Please do not send your motor mount, exhaust header springs that are loose (if they are firmly attached to the header they are fine), inline throttle cable return spring, exhaust pipe that goes on the kart (headers that are bolted to the engine are fine and are needed in most cases), wiring harness that goes on the kart. It's hard to keep track of all these accessories and the less sent to us the easier it is to make sure you get all your accessories back. If you have a problem with an accessory and want us to check it out that is ok. If you need any clarification please contact us.

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