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Xeramic Hand Cleaner, Yellow
Yellow Handcleaner with Hand Pump Container

4 Liter Bottle

YELLOW is a powerful citrus hand cleaner for removing heavy duty industrial soiling. It’s unique product formulation easily removes stubborn soiling like grease, tar, ink, adhesive and paint. Cleans and moisturizes the hands and prevents skin irritation.
Xeramic Hand Cleaning Power Wipes, 75 Wipes
75 Hand Cleaning Power Wipers are impregnated hand cleaning wipes. Large heavy duty towels textures for exceptional cleaning. Ideally suitable for use where water is not available. Mild for skin and provides a fresh scent to the hands.
Xeramic Helmet and Visor Cleaner
Keep your helmet and visor as good as new with this fast and gentle cleaning spray!

Does not damage plastic / visor and leaves no residue.
Maxima SC1 High Gloss Clear Coat Cleaner
12 fl oz Spray Bottle, Great for Chassis and Bodywork Cleaning
Novus Plastic Cleaner
8 fl oz Spray Bottle
Simichrome Metal Polish
Metal Polish Paste, 1.76 oz tube
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