Yamaha Electrical Parts


Yamaha TCI Aluminum Hold Down
Secures TCI to most chain guards
2. Yamaha Ignition Coil with Plug Wire
Spark plug cap sold separately
3. Yamaha Standard Flywheel **Blowout Sale** Only 2 Left!
KT100 standard rotation magneto
4. Yamaha Genuine TCI Box
KT100 OEM TCI box
4. Yamaha Aftermarket TCI Box
For KT100, legal alternative to OEM TCI
5. Yamaha Woodruff Key, Clutch, Magneto
KT100 key for clutch and magneto
6. Yamaha Rotor Washer
KT100 flywheel flat washer
7. Yamaha Steel Flywheel Nut
KT100 OEM Magneto Nut
7. Yamaha Aluminum Flywheel Nut
Lightweight replacement for OEM flywheel nut
8. Yamaha Magneto Bolt
KT100 Coil Mounting Bolt
9. Yamaha Magneto Bolt Lock Washer
KT100 locking washer for coil mount bolt
10. Yamaha Magneto Bolt Washer
KT100 flat washer for coil mount bolt
11. Yamaha Spark Plug Boot
KT100 OEM Plug Boot
12. Yamaha Rubber Plug Wire Guard
KT100 rubber guard for side cover, protects TCI and spark plug wire
13. Yamaha Kill Switch Wire
Grounds to coil
14. Yamaha Kill Switch Wire
Ground to TCI
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