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RLV Rolling Folding Kart Stand, Black
This heavy duty rolling kart stand will make your life easier in the pits whether you're working on the kart or moving it to the grid. This stand also folds up in seconds by pulling a pin a features a tray with lip to hold tools, parts, and tire gauge. A very handy feature is outer support hooks to keep the kart chassis from sliding off and rubber tubing to protect the kart from scratching. Constructed of 1-1/4" steel tubing and rolls easily on 10" stationary tires and 8" swivel tires for steering.

This is setup for rear steer (caster wheels are on the back)
RLV Rolling Kart Stand - New Design
Pneumatic kart stand with swiveling castor wheels, includes parts tray, black,

30" tall x 33" long x 26" wide

Flat Free Rear Tire
One Piece Rear Wheel for Added Strength
4-Ply Front Tire; Instead of 2-Ply, for added toughness
Front Wheel, 14-ga Instead of 18-ga, for added strength
Front Wheel Hub Support 1/8" (11-ga) thick instead of .039 (19-ga)
We've made these improvements to address the tire and wheel challenge we've had over the years, and we think you will be pleasantly surprised.
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