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Pedal Extensions and Relocators


Aluminum Pedal Extension Blocks
3 1/2" Long with .500 Size Hole for Pedal
PKT Pedal Heel Risers with Pedal Mounting Bolts
Available without pedals or with the Comet Billet Aluminum Pedals
PKT Pedal Heel Risers with Pedal Mounting Pin
Select Pedal Mounting Hole Size
PKT Pedal Heel Risers with PKT Billet Pedals
Select Cadet or Kid Kart Pedal Height

Kid Kart Pedal 5"-5 5/8" (Overall Pedal Height 6 1/2")
Cadet/Adult Pedal 6 3/8"-7" (Overall Pedal Height 7 7/8")
PKT Pedal Stud Pin Kit
Pedal Pin Kit 8mm or 10mm

Only 1 Pedal Pin per kit (1 pedal pin = 1 pedal)

8mm and 10mm Studs have 8mm Threads on Both Ends
WildKart Aluminum Pedal Extension
Select Color

2" Diameter, .570" Pedal Hole ID, Includes Set Screws
WildKart Universal Pedal Relocator Kit and Heel Rest
Aluminum Pedal Relocator, Universal Design should fit most kart designs.
Includes block for mounting on OTK brand karts (Tony Kart, FA, Kosmic, Exprit)

Made for 8mm and 10mm Hole Sized Pedals
Noonan Foot Box Relocator with Carbon Fiber Heel Riser
Includes Pedal Stops with Bolts, Return Springs, Mounting Bolts and Washers
Foam Foot Cradle and Heel Riser
Keeps Your Heel Steady, Raises your Foot Up, Peel and Stick Backing to Secure to Floor Tray
Rookie Junior Pedal Adapter Kit
Mounts on Floor Pan, Works on all Karts, Sold as a Pair
WildKart Pedal Relocation Bracket, Pair
Allows you to move the pedals back on the kart, uses your current pedals and hardware
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