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Metric Brake Rod and Clevis


DPE-KBC7 Arrow Adjustable Length Brake Rod
Adjusts from 11 3/4" to 16 3/4"
Metric M6 Brake Safety Cable
16" Long Overall Length, Requires 6mm Metric Brake Clevis Ends
6mm Metric Brake Rod
M6 Threaded Straight Brake Rod
6mm Metric Brake Rod, All Thread with Plastic Cover

All thread makes it easier to cut to whatever length you need

6mm Regular Jam Nut

Jam Nut for Metric Brake Clevis

Long Metric Pedal Clevis

Measures - 1 3/4" Long (42mm)

Long Metric Clip for Long Clevis

Measures - 1 1/2" Long (40mm)

Short Metric Clevis for Pedal

Measures - 1 1/4" Long (30mm)

Short Clip for Short Clevis

Measures - 1 1/8" Long (28mm)

DPE-KBC3 Arrow 6mm Clevis
6mm Clevis for Pedal
DPE-KBC3N Tapered 6mm Jam Nut for Clevis
6mm Tapered Nut for Metric Brake Rod
Arrow 5mmX20mm Bolt and Nut for Brake Clevis
For Arrow Brake Clevis
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