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Laser Chassis Alignment


TDC Components Steering Shaft Level to Center Steering Wheel
Aluminum Body with Bubble Level

Allows easy centering of the steering shaft for proper kart front end setup
Sniper V2 Laser Aligner
Front End Laser Alignment for Camber and Toe on Sprint Racing Karts

Includes Ruler and Holder Magnet for Castor Sweep Measurement and Carrying Case
Sniper Adjustable Pill Kit
Independent Castor/Camber Adjustable Pill, For 8mm and 10mm Kingpin Bolts
AFS.02390 M5x8 Set Screw for Sniper Pill Adjuster
5mm x 8mm Set Screw
Replacement Battery CR1/3N, Sniper
For Sniper Laser Aligner, Also fits Eagle Eye Laser Chain Aligner, This is one battery for one side only. You must buy 2 if you are replacing batteries in both sides.
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