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New! KG 507 Driver Panel, Wide for Improved Aerodynamics, Black

CIK Homologated Nassau Plastic Driver Panel, Black

Wider Senior and Junior Kart Driver Panel Improves Aerodynamics, Great for Larger than Average Drivers!

Predrilled with Mounting Holes with Rubber Mounting Grommets Included

KG EVO Driver Panel
KG 2011 EVO CIK Driver Panel
Sale! Close Out! KG Buru Driver Panel
CIK KG 2014 Buru Driver Panel
| Market price: $47.00 , save 10%
KG FP7 Driver Panel
CIK Homologated, Predrilled Holes with Rubber Mounting Grommets
KG 506 Driver Panel
Select Color

CIK Homologated, Predrilled Holes with Rubber Mounting Grommets
Close Out, Sale! KG 505 CIK Plastic Driver Panel
Select Color

Works with 505 CIK Nose
| Market price: $47.00 , save 19%
KG Unico Driver Panel
KG 2008 CIK Driver Panel with Bottom Fairing
KG Old Style Black CIK Plastic Driver Panel, Black
This style of driver panel was used on karts from the late 1990's until around 2005

Black Only
New! KG MK20 Cadet Nassau Driver Panel
Select Black or Pearl White

The new MK20 Nassau Driver Panel by KG is the next step in aerodynamics with a larger cross section to improve air flow around the driver and the chassis
KG MK14 Cadet Driver Panel
Cadet Size Driver Panel

Select Color

| Market price: $44.00 , save 20%
KG Puffo Kid Kart Driver Panel
KG Puffo CIK Kid Kart Driver Panel
CRG AFS.01616 Driver Panel
CRG AFS.01616 Driver Panel

Black Only
#30 Lexan Driver Panel Multi Break
Shown with Protective Covering

Smoke Tint Only!
#130 Tomcat Driver Fairing
Stallion #130 Tomcat Driver Fairing

*No Shield
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