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CRG Adjustable Sniper Pill Parts


A. FK0.01017 CRG Sniper Caster Kit M8
8mm Kingpin Bolts, Includes (2) Sniper Pill Kits and (2) M8 Kingpin Bolts
A. FK0.02352 CRG Sniper Caster Kit M10
10mm Kingpin Bolts, Includes (2) Sniper Caster Kits and M10 Kingpin Bolts
B. FK0.02353 CRG Sniper Caster Kit for M10 (Top Only)
10mm Kingpin Bolts, Top Pills Only
1. FBN.02391 CRG M8x100 King Pin Bolt
8mm x 100mm Kingpin Bolt
1. FBN.02401 CRG M10x110 King Pin Bolt
10mm x 110mm Kingpin Bolt
2. FZ0.02666 CRG Spherical Bushing M8 for Sniper
8mm Spherical Bushing for Sniper
2. FZ0.02450 CRG Spherical Bushing M10 for Sniper
10mm Spherical Bearing for Sniper
3. AFN.02389 CRG M4x10 Flat Head Bolt
4mm x 10mm Flat Head Bolt
4. AFS.02352 CRG Caster Plate Support A for Sniper
Sniper Caster Plate A, Sold Individually
5. AFN.02390 CRG M5x8 Set Screw for Sniper
5mm x 8mm Sniper Adjustment Set Screw
6. AFS.02353 CRG Caster Adjuster Plate B for Sniper
Sniper Top Plate B Only, Sold Individually
7. FZ0.01602 CRG Center Bottom Pill
8mm or 10mm Bottom Pill, Centered, Sold Individually
8. FZ0.03152 CRG Kingpin Spacer M8x28x4 Flat for 8mm Kingpin
8mm x 28mm x 4mm Kingpin Spacer Flat
8. FZ0.01607 CRG Kingpin Spacer 10x28x6 Flat for 10mm Kingpin
10mm x 28mm x 6mm Conical Top, Flat Bottom Pill

10mm Kingpin Only
9. FZ0.02665 CRG Kingpin Spacer M8x28x4 Conical for 8mm Kinpin
8mm x 28mm x 4mm Conical Washer for Kingpin
9. FZ0.01719 CRG Kingpin Spacer M10x28x6 Conical for 10mm Kingpin
10mm x 28mm x 6mm Conical Kingpin Spacer, M10 Kingpin Only
10. AFN.01637 CRG Washer M10x20x2 for 10mm Kingpin Bolt
10mm x 20mm x 2mm Washer for M10 Kingpin
11. AFN.00657 CRG M10 Lock Nut for Kingpin Bolt
10mm Kingpin Bolt Washer
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