C-51 Engine Parts


58A. C-51 Cylinder & Piston Kit
Comer Cylinder & Piston
40. C-51 Crank Assembly with Rod
Comer Crank Assembly with Rod
44. C-51 Crankcase with Bearings
Comer Crankcase with Seals and Bearings
55. C-51 Piston with Rings
Select Size
34. C-51 New Style Box Muffler
Comer New Style Box Muffler
426. C-51 Fuel Tank Assembly
Comer Gas Tank Assembly
37. C-51 Muffler Plastic Guard
Comer Muffler Plastic Guard
56. C-51 Piston Ring Set
One Pair
430. C-51 Fuel Tank Petcock
Comer Fuel Tank Petcock

42. C-51 6202 C4 Main Bearing Nylon Bearing
Comer Main Bearing 6202-C4
48. C-51 Top Rod Bearing
Comer Top Rod Bearing
53. C-51 Wrist Pin
Comer Wrist Pin
427. C-51 Fuel Tank Cap
Comer Replacement Gas Cap
428. C-51 Tank Bracket
Comer Steel Tank Bracket
C-51 Gasket Set
Includes - Comet C51 Exhaust Gasket, Intake Gasket, .020" Base Gasket
84. C-51 Main Seal Yellow Teflon
Comer Main Seal, Low Friction, Single Lip 15X30X7
68. E3.12 C50/C51 Spark Plug
C-51 Spark Plug, E3.12 is a 14mm, 0.375” reach plug with a gasket seat
42. C-51 OEM Main Bearing
Close Out!
35. C-51 Exhaust Gasket
Comer Exhaust Gasket
36. C-51 Exhaust Bolt, Long
Comer Exhaust Bolt
57. C-51 Base Gasket
Comer Base Gasket, Select Thickness
419. C-51 Fuel Tank/Exhaust Can Bracket Bolt Short
Comer Fuel Tank, Exhaust Can Bracket Bolt, Short
54. C-51 Comer Piston Circlip
Sold Individually, 2 Required
60. C-51 Cylinder Bolt
Comer Cylinder Bolt
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