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Arrow Pedals and Hardware


DPE-KP02AC Arrow Aluminum X1 Throttle Pedal Complete, Black
Only Available in Black
DPE-KP01AC Arrow Aluminum X1 Brake Pedal Complete
Select Color
DPE-KP02 Arrow Throttle Pedal
Steel Pedal
DPE-KP01 Arrow Brake Pedal
Steel Pedal
DPE-KP08 Arrow Throttle Pedal Midget/Rookie Cadet
Arrow Steel Pedal
DPE-KP07 Arrow Brake Pedal Midget/Rookie Cadet
Arrow Steel Pedal
DPE-KP22C Arrow Pedal Bolt Only
Bolt Style
Arrow Pedal Bolt and Hardware Assembly
For older AX9 model karts
DPE-KP22-2 Arrow Pedal Stud Only
Double Stud
DPE-KP28 Arrow Pedal Bushing, Inner
Arrow Pedal Bushing
DPE-KP29 Arrow Pedal Bushing, Outer
Arrow Pedal Bushing
Arrow Throttle Pedal Spring
Select Kart Model
Arrow Brake Pedal Spring
Select Kart Model
DPE-CABI Arrow Cable Adjuster 6mm with Jam Nut
M6 Threaded Throttle or Brake Cable Adjuster
DPE-KP21 Arrow Midget/Rookie Cadet Pedal Spring 100mm
Pedal Return Spring

100mm Overall Length (4")
DPE-KTS1 Arrow Throttle Pedal Stop Bolt
M6 Thread
Arrow 5mmX20mm Bolt and Nut for Brake Clevis
For Arrow Brake Clevis
DPE-KBC3 Arrow Pedal Clevis
M6 Thread
DPE-KBC3N Arrow Tapered Jam Nut for Clevis
M6 Thread, Jam Nut for Pedal Clevis
Flat Steel Cable Clamp
Can be used on throttle and brake cable clamps
DPE-KBC6 Arrow Brake Rod Only
Select Length, M6 Thread
Arrow Brake Rod Complete with Ends and Jams
345mm (13 1/2") Long
DPE-KBC7 Arrow Adjustable Length Brake Rod
Includes Clevis Ends, Adjusts from 11 3/4" to 16 3/4"
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