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Arrow Pedals and Hardware


DPE-KP02AC Arrow Aluminum X1 Throttle Pedal Complete, Black
Only Available in Black
DPE-KP01AC Arrow Aluminum X1 Brake Pedal Complete
Select Color
DPE-KP02 Arrow Throttle Pedal
Steel Pedal
DPE-KP01 Arrow Brake Pedal
Steel Pedal
DPE-KP08 Arrow Throttle Pedal Midget/Rookie Cadet
Arrow Steel Pedal
DPE-KP07 Arrow Brake Pedal Midget/Rookie Cadet
Arrow Steel Pedal
DPE-KP22C Arrow Pedal Bolt Only
Bolt Style
Arrow Pedal Bolt and Hardware Assembly
For older AX9 model karts
DPE-KP22-2 Arrow Pedal Stud Only
Double Stud
DPE-KP28 Arrow Pedal Bushing, Inner
Arrow Pedal Bushing
DPE-KP29 Arrow Pedal Bushing, Outer
Arrow Pedal Bushing
Arrow Throttle Pedal Spring
Select Kart Model
Arrow Brake Pedal Spring
Select Kart Model
DPE-CABI Arrow Cable Adjuster 6mm with Jam Nut
M6 Threaded Throttle or Brake Cable Adjuster
DPE-KP21 Arrow Midget/Rookie Cadet Pedal Spring 100mm
Pedal Return Spring

100mm Overall Length (4")
DPE-KTS1 Arrow Throttle Pedal Stop Bolt
M6 Thread
Arrow 5mmX20mm Bolt and Nut for Brake Clevis
For Arrow Brake Clevis
DPE-KBC3 Arrow Pedal Clevis
M6 Thread
DPE-KBC3N Arrow Tapered Jam Nut for Clevis
M6 Thread, Jam Nut for Pedal Clevis
Flat Steel Cable Clamp
Can be used on throttle and brake cable clamps

Two Bolt Flat Steel Clamp
DPE-KBC6 Arrow Brake Rod Only
Select Length, M6 Thread
Arrow Brake Rod Complete with Ends and Jams
345mm (13 1/2") Long
DPE-KBC7 Arrow Adjustable Length Brake Rod
Includes Clevis Ends, Adjusts from 11 3/4" to 16 3/4"
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