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Tire & Wheel Tools


Tire Crayon
Choose Color
Wheel Balancer Bearings
Bearings that go on the end of the balancing bar.
Tire Groover Tool Replacement Blades
(12) No. 4 Standard Groover Blades

Tool for Tire Scraping and Grooving
Steel Tire Spoon
11" Long
Roll-O-Prep Tire Prep Applicator
Spray bottle with fabric roller
RLV Tire Beadbreaker
Works with 5" and 6" Tires
Semel 1012 Bead Breaker Protection Plate
#12 on Exploded Diagram
Semel 3931 Plastic Replacement for Top Bar
#4 on Exploded Diagram
Semel 3937 Replacement Plastic for Removal Arm
#7 on Exploded Diagram
Semel 0031 Replacement Tire Lever Spoon
#10 on Exploded Diagram
Tire Balancer 5/8in, 17mm Combo
Take the vibration out of your tires with this easy to use tire balancer
50553 Longacre Tire Durometer
Rubber Hardness Tester with Bag
Beadmaster Tire Beading Tool
Steel Band, Adjustable for all kart tires from 450x5 up to 810x6 tires, 9 1/2" Wide
Tire Groover Tool
Pistol Style, Includes (12) No. 4 Blades

Groove or scrape your tires for dirt racing or other racing surfaces
Semel 3919 Replacement Bead Breaker Tool
#8 on Exploded Diagram
Semel Tire Beading Band
Quick Adjust Strap Design
KG Two Sided 5 inch Tire Beadbreaker
For 5" Rims Only

Due to the size of this item we must charge an additional UPS charge
Tire Pryr Kit for 5 inch Wheels
Tire Pry'r Tire Mounting/Remover Tool, Works on 5" Wheels
Tire Pryr Kit for 6 inch Wheels
Tire Pry'r Tire Mounting/Remover Tool, Works on 6" Wheels
Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers Set of Four
Max Temp 165 Degrees F, Hit the track with your tires already up to temp
Semel Baby E Electric Tire Machine
Tire Mounter, Dismounter and Bead Breaker

Due to the Size, Weight and Insurance Cost, Extra Shipping Charges Apply to this Item

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