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Jugs & Funnels


Scribner 5 gallon Heavy Duty Plastic Fuel Jug

Measurements in Gallons and Liters

Add a filler hose spout and adapter for easy fuel pouring

G-Man 1 Gallon Plastic Fuel Jug
White Plastic with Cap
Scribner Filler Hose Nozzle Complete
Screws into cap top, quickly fill your tank without needing a funnel
Small Plastic Funnel
D shaped opening
Red Oil Funnel
Unusual Shape Great for Hard to Reach Spots, Small
Replacement Fuel Cap
For Scribner Fuel Jugs
Replacement Cap Gasket
Replace your cap gasket if your jug starts leaking
Replacement Fuel Spout End Cap
Fits end of optional fuel spout, 3/4" OD
Replacement Filler Nozzle Fitting
Replacment piece for bottom of optional fuel spout
Replacement Inner Small Cap
Screws into Middle of Large Cap
Replacement Vent Plug
Includes attached cap to keep out debris
Replacement Screw On Cap
Small cap for G-Man Fuel Tanks and G-Man Fuel Jugs
Super Siphon
Fuel tank quick syphon, 6 foot long hose

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