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European Fittings


6mm Metric Straight Compression Fitting

With Cap and Ferrule

6mm Metric 90 Degree Fitting

With Ferrule and Cap

6mm Metric Three Way Compression Fitting with 2 Caps

M6 Caps and Ferrules, For Two Lines and 1 Tapered Caliper or Master Cylinder Tapped Hole

6mm Metric Three Way Compression Fitting with 3 Caps

With Brake Caps and Ferrules, Three Way T for Brake Lines

6mm Metric Fitting Cap

M6 Cap for Metric Fitting

6mm External Ferrule

Brass for M6 Brake Line

6mm Brake Line Internal Seal

Brass for M6 Brake Line

Metric Plug 10mm

For Metric Master Cylinders and Some Calipers

Fiber Washer for Brakes

Seals Brake Fittings

10mm Copper Washer

Seal for M10 Brake Fittings

Metric Nylon Brake Line 6mm OD

Metric Brake Line for M6 Fittings, Cut to length, Sold by the foot


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