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Arrow Hardware, Safety Clips and Torsion Bars


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DPE-KS58 Drilled Bolt Safety R Pin
Arrow Safety Pin
DPE-W54 OEM Arrow 8mm Hex Style Wheel Nut
Arrow M8 Inner Hex Wheel Nut
DPE-KSA25G Gunmetal 8mm Conical Washer
Arrow Conical Washer M8
DPE-STWWG 6mm Gunmetal Conical, Steering Wheel
Arrow M6 Conical Washer
DPE-KFT28 Plastic Conical 6mm Washer
M6 Plastic Conical Washer
DPE-AXQWG 8mm Gunmetal Conical with Flat Bottom
Arrow Flat Bottom Conical for Socket Head Bolts
DPE-KTB03R 25mm Straight Torsion Bar with Blade
Arrow 25mm Rear Bar, Fits Rear of AX9-4S
DPE-KTB3G 25mm Torsion Bar Clamp
Arrow 25mm Torsion Bar Clamp
DPE-KTB03R5 32mm Straight Torsion Bar with Blade
Arrow Torsion Bar, Fits Rear AX9-125
DPE-KTB4G 32mm Torsion Bar Clamp
Arrow Torsion Bar Clamp
DPE-KTB99 Front Chassis Clamp
Arrow Front Frame Clamp for XE-28, X1-30 - Two Piece
DPE-KTB9MR Center Clamp Midget/Rookie Cadet 28mm
Arrow Frame Clamp, Midget/Rookie Cadet, 28mm Two Piece
DPE-KTBO4FS 32mm Front Torsion Bar
Arrow Front Bar AX9-4S, AX9-125 Shifter
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