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Arrow Axles and Cassettes


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Arrow 8mm Steel Cassette Bolt Washer
M8 for X1, X2, X3 and AX9 karts
Arrow 40mm Axle Key, 8mm Key, 60mm Long
8mm Key, 60mm Long, Plated
DPE-BDHC35 Arrow AX9-CIK Brake Caliper Block
Arrow AX9-CIK Brake Caliper Spacer Block
DPE-BDHC36 Arrow X1 Brake Caliper Block
X1 Brake Caliper Spacer Block
Arrow Two Peg Axle Key for 40mm x 2mm Axle
Fits 2mm 40mm Peg Axle - Two Peg Key 60mm Long, Pegs are 30mm on Center x 6mm Diameter, .135" Thick, 8mm Wide
Arrow 30mm Axle Key, Three Peg Plated Key
6mm Wide Key, Pegs are 17mm on Center x 5mm Diameter, 3mm Tall
Arrow Two Peg Axle Key for 50mm Axle
Key Measures 60mm Long, Pegs are 34mm on Center x 7.5mm Diameter
Arrow Three Peg Axle Key for 50mm Axle
60mm Long, Pegs are 17mm on Center x 7.5mm Diameter
Arrow Rear Axle Height Adjuster Cams
X1, X2, X3, AX9
CCVI Free Spinning Axle Bearing 50mmx80mm for Arrow
Special Design with Narrow Collar to Fit Cassette
DPE-AXQ40P Arrow Three Bolt Bearing Cassette, Gunmetal Color
Arrow AX9-4S, AX8, Three Bolt Cassette for 40 and 50mm Bearings
DPE-AXQ25GM Midget/Rookie Cadet Cassette
For Arrow Midget/Rookie Cadet for 30mm Bearing
DPE-AXQ50B Arrow AX9-CIK Brake Side Cassette
Arrow AX9-CIK Brake Cassette
DPE-AXQ50C Arrow AX9-CIK Center and Engine Side Cassette
Arrow AX9-CIK cassette
DPE-AXQ50B2 Arrow X1 Brake Side Cassette
X1 Cassette for Brake Caliper
DPE-AXQ50CD2 Arrow X1 Center and Engine Side Cassette
X1 cassette
Arrow 30mm Axle
OEM Arrow Axle
Arrow 40mm Axle
OEM Arrow Axles
Arrow 50mm Axle
OEM Arrow
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