Yamaha Crankcase Parts


*Sale* 1. KT100 Yamaha Crank Case, Both Halves
Includes Studs, OEM Seals and Main Bearings
2. Yamaha Dowel Locater Pin
Dowel Pin for Case Halves
3. Yamaha Pulse Nozzle Insert
Pulse Fitting for Crank Case
4. Yamaha Cylinder Case Stud
Cylinder Stud
5. Yamaha Short Case Bolt
Socket Head Bolt
6. Yamaha Long Case Bolt
Socket Head Bolt
8. Yamaha Magneto Side Cover
KT100 Yamaha Ignition Side Cover
9. Yamaha Magneto Side Cover Bolt
Socket Head Bolt
10. Yamaha Magneto Side Cover Washer
Washer for Side Cover Bolt
12. Yamaha Metal Spark Plug Wire Clip
Thin Steel Wire Clip
Yamaha KT100 Case Gasket
Select Thickness
90480-16N08 Yamaha Side Cover Rubber Grommet for Plug Wire
Protects Spark Plug Wire
13. Yamaha Old Style Round Case Plug with Centerhole for Plug Wire
Rubber Case Plug
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