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X30 Exhaust Parts and Gasket Kit


(400) IA-B-71662 X30 8mm Exhaust Nut
Requires 2 Nuts
(401) IA-00332-K X30 M8 Exhaust Washers
Exhaust Washer
(402) X30125365 X30 Senior Exhaust Header
OEM Senior Unrestricted Exhaust Header
(402) X30125366 X30 29mm Exhaust Header
29mm Restricted Exhaust Header
Sale! (402) X30125368A X30 26mm Junior Exhaust Header
26mm Restricted Exhaust Header

26mm is required by most karting series for X30 Junior

Limited Time Sale!
(402) X30125367 X30 31mm Exhaust Header
31mm Restricted Exhaust Header - Special Order
(403) IA-B-75360 X30 Exhaust Gasket
.060" Thick
(404) IA-B-7355 X30 Exhaust Stud
(405) IA-A-60736 X30 Silicone Header Sleeve
Orange Header Wrap Sleeve, 2" ID (50mm)


*Average X30 Senior Header Uses 2 inches
(406) IA-10784 X30 Exhaust Spring
Aftermarket 65mm Long
(406) IA-10784-OEM X30 Exhaust Spring
OEM Exhaust Spring 65mm
(407) IA-10711-B IAME X30 Exhaust Header Flex
2" OD X 5" Long

50mm Diameter Engine Flex
(420A) IA-125990B X30 Complete Gasket Set
Includes - Head O-rings, Intake Gaskets, Exhaust Gaskets, Sidecover Gasket
X30 Head O-Ring Kit
O-Rings for X30 Head
Close Out - (430A) Tryton R32 Carb Kit X30
For Tryton HB27-C (Includes needle, Seat and Fulcrum Arm)

Close Out
(440) IA-00601 Liquid Gasket for X30 Crank Cases
Squeeze Tube
00278 X30 Exhaust Pipe End Cap Replacement Screw
Pipe Cap Screw for X30
(450) X30125721 X30 Exhaust Pipe End Cap
End Cap Only
(451A) X30125718 X30 Exhaust Pipe
Exhaust Pipe with End Cap
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