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Track Tac Tire Prep


TrackTac Sapphire, Quart
Sapphire - General purpose prerace wipe, can be used on most tracks
TrackTac Tire Tuff Brown, Pint
Tire prep, excellent external mild bite treatment also excellent internal treatment for bias ply tires
TrackTac SQS, Quart
Tire prep, prerace wipe for temperatures below 50 deg F, also used to condition tire and give excellent "bite" with a 15 point drop in durometer depending on the number of coats applied
TrackTac Diamond, Quart
Diamond - For hot days of summer, inside or outside of tire, will drop tire hardness when cold between 0-5 points depending on coats applied, average 2 points
TrackTac Topaz, Quart
Topaz - Outside treatment for softening, Softens at the track with a hotbox, Kart tire drop about 1 to 2 points per coat, Excellent external aggressive tire prep
TrackTac Ruby, Quart
Ruby - Mild bite prep, will drop hardness of tire when cold between 0-7 points depending on number of coats applied, average 4 points, use as a mild conditioner for use on inside or outside
TrackTac Kryptonite, Quart
Kryptonite - Inside tire treatment, Will Drop tire hardness at room temp 3 to 3.5 points per ounce used when rolled on inside of the tire
TrackTac GK1 Blue, Quart
Tire prep, drops the hardness of tires when cold
TrackTac SST, Quart
Tire prep, Super Sticky Tires Track Tac SST will drop the hardness of the tire when cold, between 5 to 15 points, depending on the number of coats applied. Designed for asphalt tracks.
TrackTac Tire Tuff Mint, Pint
Tire prep, excellent external high bite conditioning treatment
TrackTac SAA Grape, Quart
Tire prep, Softens tires, very effective in cold weather, can soften from 15 to 25 points depending on the number of coats applied.
TrackTac BTGP Red, Quart
Tire Prep, excellent for short tracks, improves qualifying, can repair tires damaged with Goat Pee
TrackTac PRW Orange, Quart
Tire prep, cleans the tire and restores that "just treated" tire grip and bite
TrackTac Blue Tire Wash, Gallon
Tire Cleaner, works with tire preps

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TrackTac Black Sand, Quart
Tire Prep for hot, dry, slick tracks
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