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Rebuild Kits and Accessories


21A. HL166/HL334 Tillotson Low Speed Idle Mixture Screw with Washer Welded On
HL166/HL334 Tillotson Low Speed Needle with Washer Welded On
233665 Needle and Seat for HL334 Tillotson Carb
For Leopard Carburetor
233706 Needle and Seat for HL166 Tillotson Carb for Comer K80
For Comer K-80 Carburetor
885K Tillotson Carburetor Swivel for Leopard
Replacement Carb Swivel
889K HL166 Tillotson Throttle Arm Assembly for K80 Carburetor
For Comer K80 HL166 Carburetor
91A-251 Tillotson White Plastic Carb Top for X30, KA100, Swift
For Gas Only, IAME X30, KA100, Swift Engines Plastic Carburetor Top
Comet TaG Leopard Throttle Plate Assembly for Easier Throttle Pull and Return Tillotson
Aluminum Flat Plate, Includes Hardware
DG-5HL Comer K-80 Diaphragm Only OEM Carb Rebuild Kit Tillotson
K-80 Diaphragm Only Kit
Filter Cup for Comer K80 Tillotson HL395A Carb
Includes Mounting Bolts

Red Anodized, Not Silver
HL334 Aluminum Filter Cup for Leopard Tillotson
Leopard Filter Cup with Bolts
IA-B35521 Leopard, X30, KA100, Swift Throttle Return Spring Tillotson
Inline Throttle Cable Return Spring, 1 3/4" Long
P1DG Tillotson HL Carb Rebuild Kit, Thicker Pumper
Thicker Pumper, Last Longer than Standard Kit
RK-114HL Comer K-80 OEM Tillotson Complete Carb Rebuild Kit
Includes Inlet Needle, Seat, Fulcrum Arm and Diaphram Kit
RK-117HL HL334AB Leopard OEM Tillotson Complete Carb Rebuild Kit
Includes Carb Inlet Needle, Seat, Fulcrum Arm and Diaphram Kit
Tillotson Blue Plastic Carb Top
HL and HR Tillotson Carb Top
Tillotson Cork Gasket for Carb Top
Cork Gasket Goes Underneath Plastic Carb Top
Tillotson Fulcrum Height Gauge
Measures Gas or Alcohol Fulcrum Arm Setting, .075" and .085"
Tillotson HL Carburetor Diaphragm Rebuild Kit, Single Pumper
LP-401 for HL Series Tillotson Carbs
Tillotson HR and HL Carburetor Diaphragm Rebuild Kit, Double Pumper
LP-102 Rebuild Kit for Double Pump Style HR and HL Tillotson Carburetor
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