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Rear Bumper Hardware


RLV Aftermarket Adult Plastic Rear Bumper Hardware Kit, KG Style
Mount your KG rear plastic bumper for less!
KG Adult Plastic Rear Bumper Hardware Kit
OEM Homologated Rear Bumper Hardware Kit
Plastic Rear Bumper Economy Bumper Saver Kit
Select Frame Diameter Size, Includes Clamps, Works on Most Adult Style Metal Uprights on CIK Plastic Rear Bumpers

Sold as a Pair
KG Kid Kart, Cadet Rear Bumper Hardware Kit
KG OEM Homologated Rear Bumper Hardware
Righetti Bumper Hardware Kit for Rear Plastic Bumper
For Righetti Ridolphi Plastic Rear Bumper
Low Cost Rear Bumper Bracket for CIK Plastic Bumper
Fits 30mm Frame Rail, Requires Hole Drilled in Frame to Bolt Upright, Select Side
Plastic Bumper Spacer for Low Cost Bumper Upright
Spacers Rear Bumper Out for Use with Low Cost Bumper Mount Uprights
Metric Rear Bumper Complete Hardware Kit, Sold Per Side
Metric Rear Bumper Complete Hardware Kit
Sold Individually, Need 2 Kits Per Kart

Kit Contains:
(1) 10mm X 130mm/150mm Allen Bolt
(1)Internal Bushing
(1)External Bushing
(1) Bumber Rubber with Integrated Nut
Bumper Rubber with Nut Molded Inside
Available for 28mm, 30mm, and 32mm Frame Rails
WildKart External Rear Bumper Bushing
Outer Bushing for Most Plastic Rear Bumper and Steel Bumper Mounts
WildKart Internal Frame Bushing
Bushing links frame to plastic or steel rear bumpers
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