PRD Clutch and Drum Parts

*PRD Clutch Update - The PRD Fireball now comes with a smaller 12mm PTO crank with a snap ring grove end to keep the drum in place, the older style PTO is 14mm and uses a nut to hold the clutch drum in place (just like the illustration above). Make sure you order the correct clutch parts for the PTO size and style that your engine has.


PRD-7131 Clutch Snap Ring*
PRD Fireball PRD-7131 Clutch Snap Ring

(for New Style 12mm PTO)
4. PRD-7124 Spring Washer 32x20x1.5mm*
PRD Fireball PRD-7124 Spring Washer 32x20x1.5mm
5. PRD-7123 Jam Nut M20*
PRD Fireball PRD-7123 Jam Nut M20
12. PRD-7195 10t Clutch Drum Outer Washer*
PRD Fireball PRD-7195 10t Clutch Drum Outer Washer

(for 14mm PTO)
13. PRD-7180 Clutch Drum Nut*
PRD Fireball PRD-7180 Clutch Drum Nut
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