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OTK Tony Kart Axle and Keys


A. 0054.02 Tony Kart OTK 25x840mm Axle Micro
Kid Kart Axle 25mm
C. Tony Kart OTK 30mm Axle
Select axle type, 960mm Long

Axle Keys Available
D. Tony Kart OTK 40mm Axle
Only type N axle is available
E. Tony Kart OTK 50mm Axle, 100cc
Select axle type

1030mm Long - Standard Length Axle
1000mm Long - Short Length Axle
50mm OTK Tony Kart Aftermarket Axle
Keyed for 100cc and 125cc, Made in Italy, Direct Replacement, 1030mm Long

Axle Keys Available - Select Outboard or Inboard Drive
F. Tony Kart OTK 50mm Axle, Shifter Inboard Drive
Select axle type

Shifter Inboard Axle, Also works for LO206 Briggs
H. 0056.00 Tony Kart OTK 8x7x60mm Flat Key
M8x7x60mm Flat Key
I. 0056.A0 Tony Kart OTK 8x7x40mm Flat Key
M8x7x40mm Flat Key
J. 0056.B0 Tony Kart OTK 8x7x80mm Flat Key
M8x7x80mm Flat Key
K. 0057.00 Tony Kart OTK 8x5x60mm Flat Key
M8x5x60mm Flat Key
L. 0057.D0 Tony Kart OTK Three Peg Key for 50mm Axle
Three peg key for 125cc reinforced OTK axle
M. 0057.E0 Tony Kart OTK Two Peg Key for 50mm Axle
Two Peg Key for 50mm OTK Axle
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