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Metric Wheel Hardware


8mm Flange Nut with Nylock
M8 Nylock Flange Nut

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Douglas 8mm Locking Wheel Nut
Small Diameter Locking Style Nut for Douglas Mag Wheels
8mm OTK Locking Wheel Nut, Copper Colored
OTK Style Wheel Nut, Copper Color
8mm Flange Nut
8mm Flange Nut non-Nylock
8mm Righetti Cylindrical Inner Hex Nut
Righetti Cylindrical Inner Hex Nut 8mm, 30mm Long, 15mm OD
8mm Arrow Wheel Nut
Arrow Cylindrical Inner Hex Nut 8mm, 22mm Long, 14mm OD
8mm Metric Wheel Stud
8mm x 1 3/8"(35mm) Long
8mm PKT Replacement Wheel Stud
8mm x 35mm (1 3/8) Long
WildKart 8mm Wheel Stud
Wild Kart Replacement Wheel Hub Stud for Metric Hubs with Thread Lock, 8mm x 35mm (1 3/8")
Metric 14mm Locknut
Comet Metric 14mmx1.5mm Locknut

17mm Spindle Nut
Metric 14mm Castle Nut
Metric 14mmx1.5mm Castle Style Nut

17mm Spindle Nut
Margay Metric 16mm Spindle Nut
For Margay Brava Spindles
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