Leopard MY09 Head and Cylinder Parts


(1) IA-A-40141 Cylinder Head MY09 Leopard
MY09 Leopard Head
(2) IA-10350 Leopard Head Nut
Leopard Head Nut
(2) IA-10352 Leopard Head Nut with Hole for Tech Seal
Drilled Head Nut
(3) IA-10635 Leopard Head Nut Washer
Head Nut Washer
(4) IA-B-25840 Leopard Temp Gauge Plug
Brass Plug
(5) IA-B-25845 Leopard Temp Gauge Plug Gasket
Copper Washer
(6) IA-B-25830 Leopard Water Fitting Pipe
Water Line Fitting
(7) IA-B-25835 Leopard Pipe Gasket
Copper Washer
(8) IA-B-25820 Leopard Head Gasket O-Ring
Outer Head Gasket O-Ring
(9) IA-B-25825 Leopard Tie Rod Gasket O-Ring
Small O-Ring
(11) IA-EBP-125046 Leopard Cylinder Gasket 2/10mm
Cylinder Base Gasket - Thickness 2/10mm (.008")
(11) IA-EBP-125045 Leopard Cylinder Gasket 4/10mm
Cylinder Base Gasket - Thickness 4/10mm (.0016)
(11) Leopard Cylinder Gaskets, Aftermarket
Cylinder Base Gasket .0015" and .005"
(13A) IA-A-01041 MY09 Leopard Complete Cylinder
MY09 Cylinder
(16) IA-DBP-95049 Head Gasket O-Ring
Inner Head O-Ring
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