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Karting Axles

Comet has an abundance of used 30mm, 40mm and 50mm axles if your looking to save money or test another stiffness of axle without breaking the bank. We have the axles listed below in drop down menus for each Close Out axle size.


Azusa 1" Steel Threaded Axle
Great for Yard Karts, Measurements are Step to Step, Add 4" (2" per side ) for Overall Length
1" Snap Ring Steel Axle
Plated Axle, 1/4" Keyways
1 1/4" Steel Tube Axle
1/4" Keyways, Snap Ring Ends

.190" Wall Thickness
1 1/4" Steel Tube Axle
1/4" Keyways, Snap Ring Ends

.190" Wall Thickness
1 1/4" Steel Tube Thin Wall Axle
Thin Wall for Oval Racing, .120" Wall, Uses Thinner Keystock 3/16"
35" Long
PKT 25mm x 970mm 2.1mm Steel Axle
Kid Kart Axle
PKT 30mm x 1000mm Karting Axle
Select Type

Shorter Axle, Great for OTK Tony Kart, FA, Kosmic

Available Axle Thickness - 2.1 mm Wall, 2.5mm Wall, 3.0 mm Wall
Closeout! PKT 30mm x 1060mm Karting Axle

Select Type

Close Out! Arrow 30mm x 1000mm x 3.5mm Axle
OEM Arrow Axle, New Take Out Axle

3.5 mm Wall Thickness, 1000mm Long
Close Out! 30mm Axle
Select Axle - Multiple Brands, Sold As Is, Availability Subject to Change without Notice

All Close Outs, Miscellaneous Axle Types

Photo is not representative of many of the axles types key and conditions
Arrow 40mm Axle
OEM Arrow Axles
PKT 40mm x 1040mm Axle
Select Thickness

40mm Rear Karting Axle 1040mm Long

40mm Righetti Ridolphi Axle
1040mm Long Steel Axle, 3mm Wall

Select Hardness

Axle Keys Available
40mm Swift Karting Axle
3mm Wall Axle, Universally Keyed, Black Oxide, 1040mm Length

Select Stiffness
Margay 40mm Axle
Keyed for Margay, OEM Axle, 41" Long, 3mm thick Axle
50mm Righetti Ridolphi Axle
Fits Most Karts, Select Axle Hardness

Axle Keys Available
Swift 50mm Tony Kart OTK Aftermarket Axle
Keyed for use for Outboard Drive for 100cc Engine (Yamaha, IAME, ROK etc.) or Shifter Inboard Axle Drive, Also works for LO206 Briggs Engines

Axle Keys Available - Select Outboard or Inboard Drive

1030mm Overall Length

Swift 50mm CRG Aftermarket Axle
Swift Direct Replacement for CRG Karts, 1030mm Long

Axle Keys Available
8. FBN.01313 CRG Reinforced 50mm Axle M20
Reinforced 50mm Axle M20
8. FBN.01316 CRG Reinforced 50mm Axle S20
Reinforced 50mm Axle S20
CRG 50mm Axle
Choose Type
A. 0054.02 Tony Kart OTK 25x840mm Axle Micro
Kid Kart Axle 25mm
C. Tony Kart OTK 30mm Axle
Select axle type, 960mm Long

Axle Keys Available
D. Tony Kart OTK 40mm Axle
Only type N axle is available
E. Tony Kart OTK 50mm Axle, 100cc
Select axle type

1030mm Long - Standard Length Axle
1000mm Long - Short Length Axle
F. Tony Kart OTK 50mm Axle, Shifter Inboard Drive
Select axle type

Shifter Inboard Axle, Also works for LO206 Briggs
1. Birel 25mm Axle
Select type
2. Birel 30mm Axle
Select type
3. Birel 40mm Axle
Select type
4. Birel 50mm Axle
Select type
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