K-80 Clutch Parts


Comer Clutch Shoe Installer Tool, Steel
Comer C-51 and Comer K-80 Clutch Shoe Installer Tool
Comet Clutch Puller
Universal Clutch and Rotor Puller

Comer C50 Flywheel Puller
Comer K80 Clutch Puller
PKT Comer C50/K80 Shoe Spring Clutch Tool
Makes installing the Shoes and Springs Assembly Easier
K80 Comer Clutch Assembly
12 tooth Drum
85. (S080-085) K80 Clutch Spring
Comer Clutch Spring, Sold Individually

Clutch Requires 3 Springs
85. (S080-085) K80 Clutch Springs - Set of 12
Comer Clutch Springs - 12 Springs

86. (S080-086) K80 Clutch Hub
Comer Inner Clutch Hub
87. (S080-087) K80 Clutch Shoe
Comer Clutch Shoe

Clutch Requires 3
91. (S060-091-01) K80 Clutch Bushing
Comer Inner Bearing Bushing
92. (NORM-092) K80 Clutch Bearing
Comer Clutch Roller Bearing
93. (S060-093-04) K80 Clutch Drum 12 Tooth
Comer #219 Clutch Drum
94. (S060-094) K80 Flat Clutch Washer
Comer Flat Washer
95. (NORM-095-01) K80 Clutch Nut
Comer PTO Nut
95. K80 Two Piece Starter Nut
Comer Aftermarket Two Piece Starter Nut
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