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Hose Clamp 3"-4", Great for Can Exhaust Bolts
Hose Clamp Fits over SSX Yamaha Can Exhaust Bolts

Adjusts from 76mm to 102mm (4"), 1/2" Wide
X-Large Hose Clamp 4"-5"
Large Hose Clamp for Two Cycle Pipes

3" to 5" Diameter (76mm to 127mm), 1/2" Wide
Kartech Hose Clamp with Finger Tab
Great for Airboxes and Airfilters, Can be tightened or loosened without tools
Medium Size Hose Clamp 2"-3", Airbox Size
Works on Air Filters and Air Boxes

Adjusts from 51mm to 76mm (3"), 1/2" Wide
Hose Clamp 1 1/16" - 2"
Works on Four Cycle Header Brackets
1008 Hose Clamp 9/16" - 1 1/4"
Standard Size for Water Hoses
1012 Hose Clamp 7/16" - 1"
Clamp for Smaller Water Hoses

Standard Width
Finger Tab Hose Clamps
Select Size

Finger tab can be tightened or loosened without tools, just your hands
KG Thin Airbox Hose Clamp
KG Thin Euro Style Air Box / Filter Hose Clamp

Adjustable from 50mm-70mm Diameter, 9mm Width (Just under 3/8" Wide)
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