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Hilliard Clutches


CKS Clutch Bolt Kit
Bolt and Washer for PTO End of Crank

*Works On Many Clutches*

Engine Clutch Bolt Kit
Hilliard Inferno Flame Kart Racing Clutch
Sprocket is optional. Clutch is setup for Hilliard Needle Bearing Sprockets
Hilliard Inferno Flame Kart Racing Clutch with Bully Drum Conversion
Sprocket is optional. Clutch is setup for Bully and Stinger Clutch Sprockets
Hilliard Inferno Flame Clutch Sprocket for Needle Bearing
Select Teeth and Chain Pitch

Sprocket prices vary depending on sprocket size and chain pitch

11T Sprockets do NOT use a Needle Bearing
8444-9U-034 Hilliard Sprocket Bearing and Race
Bearing and Race for Hilliard Clutch Sprockets
1279-01-136-T Hilliard Flame Clutch Sprocket Bowed Snap Ring
Clutch Sprocket, Bowed Shape, External Snap Ring
Hilliard Flame Clutch Spring
Select Spring Color

Sold individually
8444-9U-005 Hilliard Flame External Snap Ring for Clutch Weight
Replacement Snap Ring for Hilliard Clutch Weight
8444-9U-003 Hilliard Inferno Clutch Tuning Kit
Hilliard Clutch Tuning Kit for Flame, Fury, Blaze Inferno Models
8444-13-099 Hilliard Flame Clutch Drum for Hilliard Needle Bearing Sprockets
Replacement Drum for Flame Clutch, Needle Bearing Sprockets Only
1279-01-156 Hilliard Flame Clutch Cover External Bowed Snap Ring
Clutch Cover for Clutch Hub, Bowed Shape, External Snap Ring
8444-13-166 Hilliard Flame Bully Sprocket, Drum Only
Replacement Drum for Bully Sprockets for Use on Hilliard Flame Clutch
8444-12-011 Hilliard Flame Clutch Grease Cover
Steel Grease Cover Plate
8444-9U-024 Hilliard Bully Drum Conversion Kit for Flame Clutch
Bully Drum Conversion Kit Allows you to use Bully and Noram Stinger Clutch Sprockets on your Hilliard Flame Clutch

Kit includes new drum and spacers. Sprockets sold separately
8444-23-089 Hilliard Flame Inner Clutch Hub for 3/4" Shaft
3/4" Hub with Key
8444-12-009 Hilliard Flame Clutch Flat Cover
Clutch Cover Steel Plate
8444-31-017 Hilliard Flame Clutch Shoe
Replacement Clutch Shoe for Flame, 4" Offset
8444-9U-029 Hilliard Flame Clutch Shoe Blueprinting/Prep Tool
Includes Oversized Drum for Shoe Prep with Two Strips of Sticky Back Sand Paper Strips

Helps bed in and deglaze Flame Clutch Shoes
8444-3D-001 Hilliard Replacement Sand Paper Strip for Shoe Prep Tool
Sticky Back Sand Paper for Shoe Prep Drum Tool
8444-9U-006 Hilliard Flame Clutch Heavy Weight for Clutch Shoe
Heavy Weight for Clutch Shoe is Used for LO206 and Clone classes 400 pounds and above total weight

Sold Individually
8444-9U-007 Hilliard Flame Clutch Light Weight for Clutch Shoe
Light Weight for Clutch Shoe

Sold Individually
8444-9U-019 Hilliard Flame 3/4" Hub Spacer
Steel Spacer, 3/4" ID x 1 1/8" OD, .041" Thickness
Hilliard Flame Clutch Crank Spacer for 3/4" Shaft, 1/4" Wide
Steel Crank Spacer for 3/4" PTO Shaft
8444-9U-033 Hilliard Flame Steel Clutch Spacer with Key Notch
Steel Washer, 2 1/4" Overall Width
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