Clone Gaskets/Seals


Clone Gasket Set
Clone Engine

*Does not Fit Blue Clone
DJ-1312 Clone Viton Coated Head Gasket
Clone Engine


DJ-168F-XX Clone Exhaust Gasket
Clone Engine
DJ-168F-14003-A Clone Carburetor Block Gasket
Clone Engine

Insulator to Block Gasket
DJ-168F-14005-A Clone Carburetor Gasket
Clone Engine

Carb to Inuslator Gasket
DJ-168F-14006-A Clone Air Filter Adapter Gasket
Clone Engine

Filter Cup to Carburetor Gasket
DJ-168F-11011-A Clone Valve Cover Gasket
Clone Engine

*Does not fit 5 Bolt Pattern Blue Clone Valve Covers
DJ-168F-11003-A Clone Crank Case Cover Gasket
Clone Engine

*Does Not Fit Blue Clones
DJ-168F-11014-A Clone Oil Seal
Clone Engine, Oil Seal 25x41.25x6mm
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