Clone Aftermarket Parts


Arrow Soft Silicone Fuel Line 1/4" ID
Stays soft longer than other fuel line, we highly recommend this fuel line

Kartech Fuel Line
Clone Throttle Cable Linkage Kit
Clone Engine
Clone Throttle Clevis with Integrated Spring
Clone Engine
Fuel Line Reducer
Fuel Line Reducer from 3/16" to 1/4"
6931 Clone Filter Cup
Clone Engine, Aluminum
AFR-175 Angled Air Filter
Clone Engine Filter, Includes Hose Clamp
DJ-1500 ARC Clone Restrictor Plate, Purple .500" Hole Size
Clone Engine
DJ-1146 Yellow/Red Clone Engine Throttle Linkage Kit
Clone Engine
DJ-1144 Black Predator Clone Engine Throttle Linkage Kit
Black Predator Clone Engine
DJ-1420 ARC Clone Chain Guard, Aluminum
Clone Engine
8mm Buttonhead Bolt for Clone Chainguard
Clone Engine
5/16" Buttonhead Bolt for Clone Chainguard
Clone Engine
8mm Clone Header Bolt Kit
2 - 8mmX25mm Drilled SHCS Allen Bolts
2 - 8mm Lock Washers
Safety Wire
Clone Offset Flywheel Key
Clone Engine, Select Degree
BS-2504 Clone Chromoly Push Rod PAIR
Clone Engine

Stronger and Lighter than Stock Push Rods
16166-ZE1-005 Clone Honda Aftermarket Clone Carb Emulsion Tube
Clone Engine
BS-1471 Clone Breather Assembly Kit
Clone Engine, Breather Tubing Fitting and Rubber Grommet Kit
Clone Aluminum Choke Bracket
Clone Engine
6436 Clone External Starter Nut
Clone Engine
Honda Clone Flat Top Piston Ring Set, .010" over
Clone Engine
Honda Flat Top Piston .010" Over for Clone
For Clone Engine
6270 ARC Clone Billet Aluminum Rod
ARC 6270 Clone Billet Aluminum Rod, Stock Length

*Does NOT fit Predator Clone Engine
6254 ARC Clone Predator Billet Aluminum Rod
Black Predator Clone, Stock Length

Includes Bearing
6394 ARC Clone Billet Rod Bearing
Clone Engine
6383 ARC Clone Rod Bolt Set
Clone Engine
DJ-1056 Clone Valve Spring 26lb.
Clone Engine
Clone Valve Spring 18lb.
Clone Engine
Clone Valve Spring, Heat Treated 10.8lb
10.8lb Dyno Heat Treated, Green Stripe
DJ-1121 Clone Stainless Steel Intake Valve
Clone Engine

Stainless Steel 25mm
DJ-1126 Clone Stainless Steel Exhaust Valve
Clone Engine

Stainless Steel 23.6mm
DJ-1047 Clone Spring Retainer Kit
For Stainless Steel Valves

*Will not work with Stock Valves

DJ-1051 Clone Stainless Steel Valve Cap
Lash Cap for Stainless Steel Valves
G-Man Rubber Carb Cover, Briggs Flathead
G-Man Rubber Carb Cover (for use with filter cup)
DJ-1550 ARC Clone Restrictor Plate, Blue .550" Hole Size
Clone Engine
DJ-1425 ARC Clone Restrictor Plate, Green .425" Hole Size
Clone Engine
DJ-1375 ARC Clone Restrictor Plate, Red .375" Hole Size
Clone Engine
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