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Chain Lube


Xeramic Ceramic White Chain Spray
XERAMIC CERAMIC WHITE CHAIN SPRAY is based on high-tech ceramic material for optimal and long-term lubrication and protection under all circumstances.
Great adhesive qualities, superb penetration, corrosion resistance, reduces wear and friction, keeps the chain flexible and is heat resistant.
O-ring tested
Xeramic Ceramic Synthetic Chain Oil Spray
High quality chain oil spray, An advanced chain spray with long-life properties, based on a ceramic material. This unique material is composed of synthetic elements, enriched with ceramic material and special additives that result in superior lubrication. Xeramic Synthetic Chain Spray does not dry out, keeps the chain flexible and is heat resistant.
Tri-Flow Bearing Oil, Multi Purpose Lubricant
Clutch bushing oil, chassis bearing spray with Teflon coatings, multi-use lubricant, 12 ounce

*Tri-Flow is not recommended as a chain spray
Motul "Road" Chain Lube Spray
Premium chain lubricant, colorless and sticky lubricant specifically designed to lubricate all chains of road bikes and karts
Maxima Chain Wax
Dries to a film, doesn't attract dust, sticks well to chain, great for karts or bikes
Blendzall 500 Chain Lube Spray
14oz Spray Can
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