C-51 Carb Parts


New! PKT Comer C51 Carburetor Support Bracket Kit
PKT Carb Bracket Kit Specially Designed for the Comer C50/C51 to Help Support the Carb and Filter
PKT C-50 Jet Holder Block
Keep Your Carburetor Jets Organized and Easy to Find

Can be ordered with 54-58 Jets (5 Jets Total)
69. C-51 Intake Gasket
Comer Intake Gasket
70. C-51 Intake Manifold Plate
Comer C-51 Intake Manifold Plate
71. C-51 Carb Restrictor Pill
Comer Carb Restrictor Pill
72. C-51 Long Intake Manifold Bolt
Comer C-51 Long Intake Manifold Bolt
74. C-51 Stock Carburetor
Comer C-51 Dellorto Carburetor
74. C-51 Comer Kid Kart Comet Blueprinted Carburetor
Comer C-51 Carburetor Blueprinted by Comet Racing Engines
79. C-51 Plastic Intake Airbox
Comer C51 Kid Kart Plastic Air Cleaner Box with Foam Filter
431. C-51 Carb Plastic Bushing
Comer Carb Plastic Bushing
432. C-51 Intake Bushing Gasket
Comer Rubber Gasket
434. C-51 Idle Adjustment Screw
Comer Idle Adjustment Screw
435. C-51 Idle Screw Spring
Comer Idle Screw Spring
436. C-51 Carburetor Jet
Select Jet Size
437. C-51 Carb Inlet Needle
Comer Carb Inlet Needle
438. C-51 Float Pin
Comer Float Pin
439. C-51 Float Bowl Bolt
Comer Float Bowl Bolt
450. C-51 Carb Float
Comer C-51 Carb Float
451. C-51 Carb Float Bowl O-Ring
Float Bowl O Ring
452. C-51 Carb Float Bowl
Comer Float Bowl
C-51 Carb Inlet Cover Bolt
Carb Inlet Cover Bolt
C-51 Carb Inlet Screen
Comer C-51 Carb Inlet Screen
C-51 Carb Inlet Top
Comer C-51 Carb Inlet Top
C-51 Carb Rebuild Kit
Carb Gasket, O-ring Rebuild Kit
C-51 Carb Throttle Slide
Comer C-51 Carb Throttle Slide
C-51 Top Carb Cable Adjuster Bolt
Comer C-51 Carb Top Cable Nut
C-51 Carb Top Gasket
Comer C-51 Carb Top Gasket
C-51 Carb Top with Gasket
Comer C-51 Carb Top with Gasket
C-51 Plastic Carb Top Bolt
C-51 Carb Top Bolt
C-51 Replacement Foam Filter Elements
C-51 Foam Filter Elements
C-51 Rubber Throttle Boot
Comer Throttle Cable Boot
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