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Bar Stool Project

This is only an Example of a completed bar stool, No instructions are included, Front foot rest is not Available
Customer supplies Engine and Barstool
** The bar stool project comes unassembled, unpainted and requires some welding (steering forks and rear bumper)


Wheel Hub Bolt Kit 1/4-28
Includes 3 Bolts and Flange Nuts
Vent Hose Check Valve
One Way Inline Valve
Unpainted Barstool Frame
Frame Only for Bar Stool Project, Unpainted Bare Frame, Welded

Due to the size and weight of this item we must charge additional UPS
Two Hole Red Aluminum Steering Block with Needle Bearing for Top
Top Steering Block
T Brake Line Fitting
Three Way Brake Fitting for 3/16" Brake Line
Steel Handle Bar, Black Oxide Finish
Handle Bar for Bar Stool Project
Righetti Ridolphi 3 Liter Fuel Tank
Plastic Quick Release Style Fuel Tank
MCP Rear Billet Brake Caliper 181375
Standard Brake Caliper, Replaces Cast #1375 Caliper
MCP Mini Lite Brake Disc Hub
Three Bolt Pattern for Small 6" Brake Disc
MCP Mini Lite Brake Caliper, Black
Billet Aluminum with Pads, Black
MCP Light Aluminum 1 1/4" Brake Disc Hub
4 Bolt Pattern Hub
MCP 6" Mini Lite Brake Disc
Small Diameter Brake Disc
Max-Torque Clutch 12t #35
3/4" Bore with Bolt Kit
Kartech Arrow Fuel Line
Sold Per Foot
Hand Brake Activated Hydraulic Master Cylinder for Handle Bars
Left Hand, Bolts to 7/8" Diameter Handle Bars

DOT 3 or DOT 4 Fluid, for 3/16" Brake Line
FPC-1 Walbro Fuel Pump
Gas or Alcohol, 2 3/4" Mount Holes Center to Center
Dunlop 11x5.50-6 RH2C, Slick
Dunlop Slick Tire
Dunlop 11.5x7.10-6 DDS, Slick
Dunlop Slick Tire, QMA Tire
DJ6931 ARC Air Filter Cup
2 7/16" OD, Billet Aluminum for Clone
DJ1257 ARC Choke Bracket
Holds Choke Braket, Bolts to Back of Filter Cup
DJ1146 ARC Throttle Plate
Aluminum, All Hardware Included
DJ1138B ARC Header
Clone Engine Header, Muffler Sold Separate
CKS #35 Chain 4ft
Chain, 4 Feet Long
Burris 8.00 x 6 Grooved Tire
Rear Tire
Burris 550x6 Grooved Tire
Front Tire
Brake Bracket, Aluminum
Works with Standard and Mini Lite Brake Caliper
Barstool Racer with Front Brakes Roller, Less Wheels and Tires
Barstool Racer with Front Brakes - Roller less wheels and tires

Go to detailed description to see Included parts and hardware
Azusa Front Spindle 5/8"X4 1/2" Long With King Pin Bushings
Front Spindle with 5/8" Shaft, 4 1/2" Long
Aluminum Handle Bar Steering Shaft Hub
Splined for 5/8" Steering Shaft, Fits 7/8" OD Handle Bar
AFR175 Air Filter
Angled Air Filter, Includes Hose Clamp
8oz DOT 5 Brake Fluid
Brake Fluid for MCP Brakes, Silicone based brake fluid

DOT 5 is not compatible with DOT 5.1 brake systems
8554 5/8" Lock Collar
Locking Collar for Steering Shaft
8447 Azusa 5/8" King Pin Bolt
5/8" Diameter Shaft
8137-28 Azusa Steering Shaft 5/8" OD
28" Length, Splined, Solid
8129 Azusa Ackerman Arm
Weld On Steering Shaft Arm

Requires 2 For the Steering Shaft
8 1/4" x 6" Douglas Wheel, Polished
Wheel for Rear Tire
712 MCP Standard Rear Slotted Steel Disc
7 1/8" Diameter
7/8" Twist Grip Assembly with Dummy Handle
For 7/8" Shaft, Includes Twist Grip and Standard Rubber Hand Grip
6" x 6" Douglas Wheel, Polished
Wheel for Front Tire
5/8" x 1/2" Wheel Spacer
Spindle Shaft Spacer
5/8" Lock Nut
Lock Nut for Spindle Shaft End, Sold Individually
5/8" Front Wheel Hub, Standard
Bolt Kit Sold Separately
5/16" Tie Rod End
Select Thread Type
4117 RLV Clone Mini Silencer
Screw on Style, Threaded Outside
3/16" Nylon Brake Line
Sold by the Foot
1810 Azusa Chain Guard
Small Chain Guard for Clone
1/4" x 1/4" Keystock
1/4" x 1/4" x 12" Long
1 1/4" x 40" Steel Axle
Black Oxide, 1/4" Keyways
1 1/4" UFR Axle Bearing
Recommend 2 for project
1 1/4" Two Piece Aluminum Lock Collar
1/4" Keyway, Billet Aluminum
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