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Axle Bearing Set Screws


1/4-28 Set Screw for Bearing
Works on Most 1", 1 1/4", 1 3/8" Bearings
M6 x .75mm Set Screw for Bearing, Fine Thread
6mm Set Screw Fits most 25mm and 30mm Axle Bearings, Fine Thread Pitch
M6 x 1.0mm Set Screw for Bearing, Course Thread
Set Screw Fits some 25mm and 30mm Axle Bearings

Not as popular for bearings as the M6 x .75 mm Set Screw (Fine Thread)
M8 x 1.0mm Set Screw for Axle Bearing
Set Screw Works on Most 40mm and 50mm Axle Bearings
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