Two Disc


Patriot Two Disc Clutch
KT100 Yamaha Two Disc Clutch
A. Patriot Clutch Drum Spacer
Choose Size
B. P0001 Patriot Two Disc, Six Spring Drive Hub
Two Disc Drive Hub
C. Patriot Floater
Choose Thickness
D. P0012 Patriot Friction Disc, 3 Tab
3 Tab Disc works on Horstman HDC5 as well
D. P0057 Patriot Friction Disc, 6 Tab
6 Tab Disc requires Patriot Drum
E. P0003 Patriot Six Spring Pressure Plate
Steel Pressure Plate
F. Patriot Clutch Spring
Choose Wire Size
F. Patriot Matched Clutch Spring Set (6)
Choose Wire Size
G. P0013 Patriot Spring Cap
Aluminum Cap for Spring
H. P0022 Patriot Adjuster Spring Bolt
Flat Head Bolt
I. P0002 Patriot Six Spring Lever Plate
Anodized Lever Plate
J. P0020 Patriot Lever Weight
Steel Weight
K. P0021 Patriot Lever Weight Pin
Steel Pin
L. P0023 Patriot Clutch Center Bolt
Socket Head Bolt, High Strength
M. P0008 Patriot Drum Only, Two Disc
For Two Disc Clutch
N. Patriot Sprocket and Drum Assembly, Two Disc
Select Sprocket Size
O. Patriot Replacement Sprocket
Select Sprocket Size
P. P0028 Patriot Sprocket Bolt
Flat Head Bolt
Q. P0011 Patriot Starter Nut
Steel Starter Nut, 5/16" Inner Hex
P0024 Patriot Clutch Holder Wrench
Clutch holder makes it easier to tighten or loosen the clutch nut
P0056 Patriot "Quick-Pull" Clutch Puller
Aluminum Clutch Tool for Patriot
P0025 Patriot Steel Clutch Puller
Basic clutch puller
Patriot Clutch Spring Height Adjuster Tool, 1/8" Allen Wrench
Easily adjust your Patriot clutch slip with this handy allen wrench
Patriot Decal
Patriot Decal

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