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TaG Aluminum Radiator with Steel Bracket
Includes Steel Mounting Bracket, Size is made for TaG Engines
Shifter, TaG Large Aluminum Radiator
Bigger Size Works Great for 125cc Shifter, Can Also be Used in TaG Class, Sold with and without Mounting Kit
Radiator Cap for Aluminum Radiator
Fits Comet Aluminum Radiator
Arrow Billet Aluminum Adjustable Radiator Support
Includes Grommets and Hardware
OEM Leopard, X30 Steel Radiator, New Larger Style
No Mounting Hardware, Includes Cap
16 1/8" x 7 3/4" (410mm x 200mm)
OEM Leopard, X30 Radiator Mount Kit
Includes Bolts and Grommets
Specify Length of Rear Steel Bracket
WildKart Adjustable Aluminum Radiator Support
Billet Aluminum
Thermostat with Bypass 125 Degree
Great for TaG, Shifter
IA-T-8400-C Inline Thermostat Centigrade Kit
122 Degree Fahrenheit
1012 Hose Clamp 7/16" - 1"
Clamp for Smaller Water Hoses
1008 Hose Clamp 9/16" - 1 1/4"
Standard Size for Water Hoses
Rubber Radiator Mount Grommet
Includes 4 Grommets
Rubber Radiator Dampener with M6 Stud and M6 Bolt Hole
Can also be used for other mounting needs like electronics and coils
WildKart Aluminum Inline Water Heat Exchanger
Inline Heat Exchanger for Water Cooled Engines
Engine Water Hose, 90 Degree End
Select Length, 5/8" ID
OEM Leopard Water Hose 3 Piece Kit
Includes -

1 - Hose 90 Degree on Both Ends, 27" Long
2 - Hose 90 Degree on One End, 23" Long

Does not Include Hose Clamps

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