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Play Kart Steering Components


Azusa Spindle Nylon Spacer
Select Size
8215 Azusa Inner Spindle Plastic Bushing
Spacer Bushing
8447 Azusa 5/8" King Pin Bolt
5/8" Diameter Shaft
8171 Azusa Weld On Spindle C
Steering Yoke, Steel
1877 Azusa Steering Wheel Center Cap Assembly, Chrome
Chrome Plated Steel Cap, Fits over the top of the Azusa steering wheel mounting bolts

Fits 1 1/2" or 1 5/8" Bolt Circle
Azusa Front Spindle
Select Spindle Shaft Diameter, Length and Side
Azusa Steering Shaft Only
5/8" with Splined Shaft

Select Length
Azusa 3/4" Front Spindle Kit with Hardware
Select Length and Side, 3/4" Shaft
Azusa 5/8"x4.5" Front Spindle Kit with Hardware
5/8" Diameter Shaft, Select Side
Azusa 5/8"x6" Front Spindle Kit with Hardware
5/8" Diameter Spindle Shaft, Select Side
Azusa Steering Shaft Kit
Azusa 5/8" Steering Shaft Kit, Splined

Std. 28" or 34"
Azuza Steering Wheel
Azuza Steering Wheel

10" and 12" Diameter

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