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Plastic Chain Guard and Brackets


Steel Chain Guard Slotted Bracket for Plastic Straps
Slotted M8 Hole and M6 Hole

120mm Before 90 Degree Bend (4 3/4")
160mm Overall Length (5 3/8")
Nylon Chain Guard Strap
Select Color, Flat Plastic Chain Guard Strap
Nylon Chain Guard with Sprocket Protection
Folds and snaps together, Plastic
Steel Chain Guard Bracket for Plastic Straps
90 Degree Bracket with Tab for Quick Release Pin, Predrilled for M8 Bolt

Select Length
Carbon Fiber Chain Guard Kit, Quick Release
Includes Mounting Hardware, Lightweight
KG Quick Release Plastic Chain Guard Kit
Includes Mounting Hardware
KG Replacement Chain Guard Hardware
Mounting Hardware Only
10.10772.00 Birel Plastic Chain Guard Kit with Mounting Hardware
Outboard Drive, Plastic Quick Release Chain Guard with Hardware
A. 0042.CAKITC Tony Kart OTK Complete Integral Chain Guard Kit
OTK Plastic Chain Guard Kit with Mounting Hardware, Quick Release
B. 0042.CA Tony Kart OTK Integral Chain Guard
OTK Plastic Chain Guard Only
C. 0043.C0 Tony Kart OTK Integral Chain Guard Support
OTK Steel Chain Guard Support, Sold Individually
D. 0043.C1 Tony Kart OTK Fixing Bush for Integral Chain Guard
OTK Chain Guard Mounting Bushing
E. V.TB6X16 Tony Kart OTK Button Head Bolt M6x16
6mm x 16 Button Head Bolt
F. R.P.6X18 Tony Kart OTK Washer M6x18
6mm Flat Washer
G. D.M6A.B Tony Kart OTK Short M6 Lock Nut
6mm Short Locking Nut

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