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Non-Laser Chassis Alignment


78245 Longacre Replacement Shoulder Bolt and Washer
For Spindle Adaptor on 78110 Digital Castor/Camber Gauge
Longacre Replacement Spindle Adapter
For Longacre 78110 Castor/Camber Gauge
78110 Longacre Digital Camber/Castor Gauge
Easily and accurately adjust camber and castor, For 5/8" or 14mm kart spindle adapter
RLV Xtreme Toe Alignment Tool
Fits Metric 17mm and American 5/8" spindles, Kit comes with Metal Bar and (2) Toe/Camber Blocks
Toe Plate Wheel Alignment Disc - Metric Pattern
Mounts on Front Hub, Sold as a Pair
Toe Plate Wheel Alignment Disc - US Pattern
Mounts on Front Hub, Sold as a Pair
TDC Components Steering Shaft Level to Center Steering Wheel
Aluminum Body with Bubble Level

Allows easy centering of the steering shaft for proper kart front end setup

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