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Non-Laser Chassis Alignment


78245 Longacre Replacement Shoulder Bolt and Washer
For Spindle Adaptor on 78110 Digital Castor/Camber Gauge
TDC Components Steering Shaft Level to Center Steering Wheel
Aluminum Body with Bubble Level

Allows easy centering of the steering shaft for proper kart front end setup
Toe Plate Wheel Alignment Disc - Metric Pattern
Mounts on Front Hub, Sold as a Pair
Toe Plate Wheel Alignment Disc - US Pattern
Mounts on Front Hub, Sold as a Pair
Longacre Replacement Spindle Adapter
For Longacre 78110 Castor/Camber Gauge
RLV Xtreme Toe Alignment Tool
Fits Metric 17mm and American 5/8" spindles, Kit comes with Metal Bar and (2) Toe/Camber Blocks
78110 Longacre Digital Camber/Castor Gauge
Easily and accurately adjust camber and castor, For 5/8" or 14mm kart spindle adapter

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