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K-80 Starter/Ignition Parts


KACC-125 K80 Flywheel and Clutch Puller
Comer K80 Flywheel and Clutch Puller

Comer C50 Clutch Puller Only (Not Flywheel)
1. (S060-001) K80 Starter Complete
Comer Starter Complete
3. (S060-003) K80 Anti jamming Disc
Comer Anti Jamming Disc
4. (S060-004) K80 Self Winding Spring
Comer Self Winding Spring
6. (S060-006) K80 Rope Drum
Comer Rope Drum
7. K80 Starter Rope
Comer Starter Rope
8. (S060-008-01) K80 Handle Complete
Comer Handle Complete
9. (S060-009) K80 Bush for Rope Drum
Comer Bush for Rope Drum
10. (S060-010) K80 Retaining Washer
Comer Retaining Washer
11. (NORM-011) K80 5x12mm Screw
Comer M5x12 Screw
12. (NORM-012) K80 5x18mm Screw
Comer M5x18 Screw
13-01. (S060-013-01) K80 Complete Spark Plug Cable
Comer Complete Spark Plug Cable
13-02. (S060-013-02) K80 Kill Wire Complete
Comer Kill Wire Complete
17. (NORM.017) K80 3.5x13mm Screw
Comer M3.5x13 Screw
21. (S060-021-01) K80 Complete Ignition
Comer Complete Ignition
24. (NORM-024) K80 Retaining Ring for Starter Spring
Comer Retaining Ring for Starter Spring
25. (S060-025) K80 Starter Hook
Comer Starter Hook
26. (S060-026) K80 Return Spring
Comer Return Spring for Recoil
27. (S060-027) K80 Jack Pin
Comer Jack Pin
66. (NORM-066-01) K80 Kill Switch
Comer Kill Switch

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