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K-80 Bottom End Parts


K-80 Flat Steel Vibration Plate
.235" Thick for Bottom of K80 Case
19. (NORM-019) K80 Flywheel Nut
Comer Flywheel Nut 10mm RH
20. (NORM-020) K80 Lockwasher for Flywheel Nut
Comer Flywheel Lock Washer
28. (S060-028) K80 Fan Locking Washer
Comer Fan Locking Washer
29. (NORM-029) K80 M4x14 Screw
Comer M4x14 Bolt
30. (NORM-030) K80 Locking Washer
Comer Locking Washer
31. (NORM-031) K80 Flat Washer
Comer Flat Washer
40. (K080-040) K80 Crankshaft Assembly
Comer Crankshaft Assy

41. (NORM-041-01) K80 Magneto Woodruff Key
Comer Mag Side Woodruff Key
42. 6202-C4 K80 Main Bearing Plastic Cage
Comer Plastic Cage Bearing
42. 6202 K80 Main Bearing Steel Cage - Close Out
Comer Steel Cage

Close Out!
42. 1202-C4 K80 Self Aligning Double Row Main Bearing
Comer Self Aligning Main Bearing
45. (NORM-045-01) K80 M5x25 Screw
Comer M5x25 Bolt
46. (NORM-46-01) K80 M6x25 Screw
Comer M6x25 Bolt
49. (S080-049) K80 Rod Assembly
Comer Rod Assembly, Rod, Bottom Bearing and Crank Pin
50. (NORM-050-01) K80 Bottom Rod Bearing
Comer Bottom Rod Bearing
51. (S080-051) K80 Crank Pin
Comer Bottom Crank Pin
96. (S060-096) K80 Plastic Chain Guard
Comer Plastic Side Chain Guard
98. (NORM-098) K80 Screw M6x20
Comer Bolt M6x20

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