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Arrow Steering Wheels and Shafts


Arrow X1 Steering Wheel Flat Top/Botton
Embroidered Arrow Logo
DPE-ST9 Arrow OEM Steering Wheel
Suede and Embroidered
Arrow 19mm Angled Steering Wheel Hub
Two Bolt Position for Steering Shaft, Black
Arrow 19mm Flat Steering Wheel Hub
Titanium Color, Standard 3 Bolt Euro Pattern
Arrow 19mm Steering Shaft Block
Fits 19mm Steering Shaft, Includes Shaft Locking Bolt
Arrow 20mm Steering Shaft Block, Locking Style
Fits 20mm Steering Shaft, Includes Steering Shaft Lock

Includes bolt that squeezes top of the block to keep shaft from turning so you can set the front end
DPE-KSS9C Arrow 19mm Steering Lock Collar
Arrow Steering Shaft Locking Collar
DPE-KTR00 Arrow Adjustable Width Tie Rod with Tie Rod Ends
Adjusts from 190mm to 280mm (7 1/2" to 11")
Aftermarket Arrow Style Aluminum Tie Rod
Select Length
DPE-65ABNCIR6 Arrow Kingpin Bolt Safety Clip
Arrow Kingpin Bolt Clip, 6mm x .8mm
DPE-KS58 Arrow Drilled Bolt Safety R Pin
Arrow Safety Pin
DPE-65ABNC1R.1 Arrow Circlip for Front Spindle
Arrow Spindle Clip, 11mm x 1mm
DPE-KSS089 Arrow Full Size Kart Steering Shaft
For all Senior karts except DD2, 19mm OD
DPE-KSS5A Arrow Junior Steering Shaft
Fits Junior Sized Karts, 19mm OD
DPE-KSS089D Arrow DD2 Steering Shaft with Spined Top
For Arrow DD2 Kart, 19mm OD
DPE-KSS09 Arrow AX8 Junior Steering Shaft
For older style Arrow Junior Kart, 19mm OD
DPE-KSS05 Arrow Plastic Steering Stop
For Arrow Steering Shaft
M8x22 Uniball Bearing for Lower Steering on Most Foreign Karts
M8 Uniball Bearing
Circlip for 8mm Uniball Bearing
M8x25 OD Bearing Clip
DPE-KSC189 Arrow X1 Steering Upright
Arrow Replacement Steering Upright
DPE-KSC17 Arrow AX9-4S Steering Upright
Arrow Replacement Steering Upright
Arrow Midget/Rookie Cadet Steering Upright
Select Side

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