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Arrow Axles and Cassettes


DPE-AXQ25GM Midget/Rookie Cadet Cassette
For Arrow Midget/Rookie Cadet for 30mm Bearing
DPE-AXQ40P Arrow Three Bolt Bearing Cassette, Gunmetal Color
Arrow AX9-4S, AX8, Three Bolt Cassette for 40 and 50mm Bearings
DPE-BDHC35 Arrow AX9-CIK Brake Caliper Block
Arrow AX9-CIK Brake Caliper Spacer Block
DPE-AXQ50C Arrow AX9-CIK Center and Engine Side Cassette
Arrow AX9-CIK cassette
DPE-AXQ50B Arrow AX9-CIK Brake Side Cassette
Arrow AX9-CIK Brake Cassette
DPE-BDHC36 Arrow X1 Brake Caliper Block
X1 Brake Caliper Spacer Block
Arrow Rear Axle Height Adjuster Cams
X1, X2, X3, AX9
DPE-AXQ50CD2 Arrow X1 Center and Engine Side Cassette
X1 cassette
DPE-AXQ50B2 Arrow X1 Brake Side Cassette
X1 Cassette for Brake Caliper
Arrow 8mm Steel Cassette Bolt Washer
M8 for X1, X2, X3 and AX9 karts
CCVI Free Spinning Axle Bearing 50mmx80mm for Arrow
Special Design with Narrow Collar to Fit Cassette
Arrow Three Peg Axle Key for 50mm Axle
60mm Long, Pegs are 17mm on Center x 7.5mm Diameter
Arrow Two Peg Axle Key for 50mm Axle
Key Measures 60mm Long, Pegs are 34mm on Center x 7.5mm Diameter
Arrow Two Peg Axle Key for 40mm x 2mm Axle
Fits 2mm 40mm Peg Axle - Two Peg Key 60mm Long, Pegs are 30mm on Center x 6mm Diameter, 8mm Wide

Choose Thickness
Arrow 40mm Axle Key, 8mm Key, 60mm Long
8mm Key, 60mm Long, Plated
Arrow 30mm Axle Key, Three Peg Plated Key
6mm Wide Key, Pegs are 17mm on Center x 5mm Diameter, 3mm Tall
Arrow 50mm Axle
OEM Arrow
Arrow 40mm Axle
OEM Arrow Axles
Arrow 30mm Axle
OEM Arrow Axle

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