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4-Cycle Engine Tools


Briggs Animal Valve Seat Cutter Kit
Helps center cutter so you can properly cut the seat angles
19237 Flathead Briggs Valve Seat Cutter Kit
Special Order, Prepay
Valve Spring Compressor for Animal, Clone and Flathead
Screw Down Compressor
Briggs Valve Spin Tool for Valves 750-224
Helps Seat Valves
Briggs Valve Lapping Compound
Lapping compound can be used with any Four Cycle engine
19070 Briggs Ring Compressor
For all Briggs engines, can also be used on Clones
73010 Longacre Engine Leakdown Tester
This easy to use tester checks ring seals, valves, even head gaskets
750-174 Briggs Valve Spring Compressor
For Flathead Engines
750-059 Briggs Flywheel Wrench
For Flathead Engines
19244 Briggs Flywheel Starter Nut Wrench
For Flathead Engines
750-075 Briggs 5hp Flywheel Holder
For Flathead Briggs with 5hp Flywheel
750-067 Briggs 3hp Flywheel Holder
Close Out, For 3hp Flywheel
M833 Misi Briggs Piston & Ring Installers
Includes Four Sizes
M856 Misi Briggs Flathead Torque Plate
For Flathead Engine
M856A Briggs Animal Torque Plate
For Animal Engine
19069 Briggs Animal Flywheel Puller
Remove Flywheel from Briggs Crank
19433 Briggs Animal Flywheel Holder Wrench
For Old Style Ignition, Pre-PVL Ignition
19269 Briggs Flathead Valve Guide Tool Kit
For 1/4" Valve Guides
4918 Horstman Briggs Valve Guide Reamer
For Flathead
19300 Briggs Basic Tool Kit
Tool Kit Works with Animal, World Formula and Flathead
Briggs Animal WKA Tech Tool Kit
Full Tech Kit with No Go Gauges
66785 Piston Ring End Gap Filer Tool
Can be used on two cycle and four cycle piston rings
19064 Briggs Valve Guide Reemer
For Flathead Guides, Size .275
Comp Cam Degree Wheel with Pointer
Works on Any Engine, Two Cycle or Four Cycle
Comp Cam Degree Wheel
Wheel Only, No Accessories, Works on Any Engine Two Cycle or Four Cycle
Briggs Unique Carb Wrench for Flathead
For Carb and Exhaust Bolts
19096 Briggs Pilot Tool for Flathead Crank Bushing
Close Out, For old style Raptor blocks

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